Bickles Jamaican interior

Homamade Jamaican Patties

Bickles Jamaican Brixton for Patties

Welcome to Bickles Jamaican Food Diner & Takeaway

Bickles Jacmican Brixton for Jerk Chicken and Pork Jamaican Patties

Bickles are proud to present their contemporary Jamaican Takeaway in Brixton. Why not visit us for a Jamaican experience with a difference! Come and enjoy Jerk Chicken & Pork at its finest.

   Bickles have added braised Oxtail to their menu everyday and Curried Goat on selected days; please contact store for more daily recipes.

Situated in the heart of Brixton's vibrant and diverse locale, Bickles offers a wide range of Jamaican foods, with a medley of speciality dishes, including: flavoursome 'Roti Wraps', moreish 'Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings' and Bickles ever popular, 'to-die-for 'Jerk Chicken.

At Bickles we recognise that “Every mikkle mek a mukkle” (every penny contributes towards making £1)  our prices are competitive and our quality and services second to none

Our valued Vegan, Vegetarian & Ital clients are spoiled for choice, through our range of specialty dishes. We focus on substituting various meat ingredients with tasty vegetarian alternatives, fitting for all. You can choose from our delicious range, which includes, tasty 'Chickpea Curries', succulent 'steamed callaloo' and our popular ital sauces. 

Deliveries have been suspended, until further notice. Please call for collections.

Outside Catering

We cater for Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, Funerals and all occasions, no matter how big or small.

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday: 12 noon - Midnight
Friday & Saturday: 12 noon - 3am
Sunday: Closed